Transportation System

The Transport Management System is used to regulate transportation activities. With this software, end-to-end management of your transportation activities is possible. Many organisations have generated upscale results by using our Transport Management System

Our Transport Management System (TMS) will reduce your freight expense by providing effective cost savings with the use of analytics and optimization techniques. Our TMS provides real-time shipment visibility as well as real-time multi-division profitability reporting

Track your shipments in real-time and increase your customer service. With real-time shipment management, you can improve your warehouse efficiency and productivity. With all these enhancements, you can track the tremendous increase in your supply chain efficiency.

Our Transportation Management System is specially designed for Third-Party Logistics (3PLs) providers, Brokers and Shippers of all sizes. By using optimized shipment consolidation, our TMS system benefits in saving freight costs as well as operational costs. The TMS System is designed to provide visibility to operations resulting in operational efficiency. It also provides accurate analytics and MIS reports.

Billing and Invoicing- Our TMS System provides in-built billing and invoicing facilities.

Load management- Our TMS system efficiently manages the load distribution aspect of Transport Management by channelling the load in proper routes.

Order Management- With our TMS software you can manage your order directly from the software.

Shipment Management- Manage your shipments directly from our app (Android and iOS) or the system software.

Mobile App (iOS & Android)- Our software comes with Android and iOS app for all parties.

Some other features of our TMS software are as follows-

  • Routing
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time Shipment Visibility
  • Real-Time Multi-Division Profitability Reporting
  • Digital POD Signatures
  • Real-Time Invoices & Settlement  
  • Integrations With Vendors