E- Wallet System

Looking for a Self Hosted e-Wallet Payment System? Look no further, you’ve arrived at exactly the right place. We provide a custom made e-Wallet Payment System as per your requirements that are highly customizable and extremely reliable by the usability and security point of view.

Since the setback of COVID-19 pandemic, many people have shifted from cash to cashless payments. If you have an e-wallet system on your website or app, customers will prefer your products more than a purchase using cash.

A secure eWallet Payment System can be beneficial for any business. Rather than spending the cash in hand, a customer would prefer spending from the eWallet if there is cash in it. This results in increased transactions and repeated transactions from the same customers. With eWallet Payment System, you can also offer loyalty programmes and attractive offers.

We design the eWallet Payment System with both credit and debit wallet funds facility. With our wallets, you can offer complete redemption of Wallet Funds. The redemption of wallet funds can be customized as per category or the segment.

With eWallet Payment System, admin can manually credit or debit funds from the backend. The system can be customized as per the order status.

All the possible scenarios of a sale like order placed, cancelled, returned, cashback can be controlled paymentwise as per process flow.

Funds can be transferred via email address/mobile number of registered users with a transfer limit facility.

With our eWallet Payment System, you get access to complete funds credit and debit history with reporting and accounting facilities. Wallets can be used for categories specific cashback and offers.

Our e-wallet comes with two types of cash, real and promotional. The real cash is added by the user while the promotional cash is credited for various promotional activities on the system. Real cash comes with infinite validity while the promotional cash is limited for 60 days only.

At the checkout, the customer can see both the redeemable cash as well as the total cash at once. Money withdrawal facility has been enabled for every user within the system.

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