Loyalty Program System

Skyrocket your sales, make your customers buy from you again and again and upscale your ROI by integrating our Loyalty System plugin with your website. With our Loyalty System, you get tremendous potential to drive your sales upwards with just a handful of modifications. 

The Loyalty Program we have comes with a referral program, which rewards your customers for referring your products to their friends and family. This turns your customers into advocates of your business. This can maximize your sales.

Users nowadays expect to be rewarded for buying from their favourite seller. Rather the seller who rewards their customer for buying from them becomes favourite. Our loyalty program software comes with a lot of customization options and is flexible enough to accommodate all types of buyers, right from the cheapest purchases, frequent purchases to the most expensive ones.

Our customer loyalty program comes with the following features-

Cumulative spending-based gift vouchers

Customer type-based gift vouchers

Cashback & loyalty points on every online transaction

Gain & redeem points on every transaction

Voucher share to family & friends within the system

Customer location-based gift vouchers, offers, preferred for cross-selling

Easy to join a system

Customizable Rewards

Integrated Social Action

Integrated Coupon System

Native iOS app and Android app