Multi-Vendor Ultimate License

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CS-Cart Malaysia provides Multivendor Ultimate License. With this license, you can reap multiple benefits such as multiple vendors, multiple storefronts, etc. These benefits are as follows-

Multiple Storefronts

With CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate you can open as many storefronts as you want. Each of these storefronts can have its own domain name. A new storefront is created within minutes from the admin panel.

Free Lifetime Upgrades

With Multi-Vendor Ultimate License, you get free upgrades for lifetime. These upgrades bring stability, new features, bug fixes and much more.

Free Premium Support for One Year

With Multi-Vendor Ultimate License, you get free premium support for as many times as you want till the duration of one year. This support can be extended as required by purchasing additional support credits.

Get a Mobile Application

You get a mobile application with this license. This mobile application comes with the source code so that you can make changes to it as per your requirement. Nearly 79% of online shoppers prefer to buy from their mobile phones. Hence it is of paramount importance to have a presence on mobile phones.